Pallet art that makes a difference.

Foster children deserve good homes.

Not every person can become a foster parent, but every person can make a difference!

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What does Pallet Art have to do with Foster Care?

With pallet art, a person can take a piece of discarded wood and create something beautiful. They see potential when someone else sees waste.

Foster children find themselves, at no fault of their own, feeling discarded and abandoned. They are in need of loving families to step in and allow them a chance to see and realize their God-given potential.

We create pallet art. People buy pallet art. Money is raised. Awareness is raised. More foster kids get connected to loving homes.

Our mission

To provide a platform for people to participate even if they can't become foster parents.

Our goal

To help childen in crisis by providing for their various needs: (cothes, backpacks, school supplies, bedding, toys, formula, diapers.)

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Everyone can be a part of the foster care solution.

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With more funds we can do more! 
All donations go to
A Door of Hope.


Buy pallet art

All pieces are made to order. Search our gallery or send us your own idea for a custom piece.


Host an Event

Host a fun event where people  make their own art and bring awareness to foster care solutions.


Receive Updates

Receive updates to help with urgent needs, like clothes, supplies, money or prayers.


Our Story

Hi! We are the Novell family! Foster care has been on our hearts for years. We felt paralyzed by the idea of actually bringing a child into our home. What an overwhelming proposition!

So we did nothing, while always wanting to do something.

At a conference, Andrew heard a speaker talk about pursuing your passion no matter how small the idea seemed. This is where the idea of pallet art started. Andrew knew he could use his gifts to do something even if it was small.

And Purposeful Pallets started!

It was easy for us to fall into an "all or nothing" trap. That was us for years. But now we are helping hundreds of families every year support foster care through pallet art, helping provide education and training, and even help people become foster parents themselves.

After bringing some foster kids into our home, we now have two adopted children ourselves!

We believe it's wrong for people to do nothing when there are so many resources available. Every person can make a difference in the foster care crisis, even if it's something small.

You don't have to bring a child into your home to help. Purchase pallet art today to support connecting kids in crisis to good homes when they need it the most.

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